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I am not a commercial German Shepherd breeder. I am a lawyer and I have kept German Shepherd Dogs for more than thirty years. Our dogs are 100% German, show rated, they are schutzhund titled (now called IPO) and have a Körklasse (or breed survey) which recommends them for breeding awarded by German judges and recognised in Germany by the home club for the breed, the SV or Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde. Our dogs do not have any UK German Shepherd in their ancestry.

The sad fact of the matter is that the general quality of German Shepherds (and many other ‘pedigree’ dogs) in the UK is poor. When people buy a ‘pedigree’ German Shepherd which is registered with the Kennel Club they think that gives them some sort of guarantee of quality. It does nothing of the sort. And that applies even to German Shepherds which have won shows under Kennel Club rules. It is important to understand that there are no mandatory health or fitness for purpose requirements before one can breed a pedigree GSD in the UK. It is possible to breed from dogs which have unacceptable and avoidable health defects in the UK and they will still be registered by the Kennel Club as ‘pedigree’. That is why you will see and hear of so many GSDs in the UK which have problems with the hips or temperament, to name what are probably just the two most common problems.

That is also why we  have dogs which comply with German breeding requirements about which you can learn more on these pages. The German Shepherd originated and was bred as a working dog. Working dogs should not have hip dysplasia. They must be fit and agile so that they can work. In Germany they have recognised this from the outset and so they have strict rules about breeding which ensure that the German Shepherd can still be a working dog. It is not by accident that the German Shepherd is one of the most instantly recognisable dogs and that it is known throughout the world. It is because the German Shepherd is a robust dog, loyal to its owner and it can do a job of work. In the UK we have dogs suffering from hip dysplasia and of uncertain character because we have no meaningful mandatory breeding requirements. Health can be tested. Fitness can be tested. Character can be tested. Ability to work can be tested. In Germany they do this. In the UK they do not.

Occasionally we will have German Shepherd puppies. We are located in Kent, just outside Ashford. For any enquiry please contact david.terry@araxes.co.uk

Please check the puppies for sale link for up to date information and do contact us for further information.


Do please read the information under the link ‘buying a German Shepherd Dog’ if you are thinking of buying one.

There is good reason why we  have dogs with 100% German ancestry which have passed German breed requirements.

German Shepherds which are simply registered with the Kennel Club as ‘pedigree’ are not in any way comparable.

Whether you want a German Shepherd as loyal family companion, to compete in a sport like schutzhund (now called IPO) or to do a job of work like herding sheep or being a police dog the last thing you want is a dog with health or character issues.

And it is so easy to make that mistake here in the UK. Many of the litters you see advertised will be from parents with no health checks, no fitness for purpose tests, no tests of character or temperament. Of course every breeder will tell you that their dogs are wonderful, good with children and are all singing and dancing. But how do you know?

In fact it is easy to know. You check the paperwork and you familiarise yourself with what you are looking for in that paperwork. Ask to see proof of health checks, ask to see proof of character by looking for an IPO title etc, ask to see a breed survey. If a breeder does not have these things then ask why not.

A German Shepherd Dog in good health might be expected to live 12 years or more. You and the dog will both enjoy your time together more if your dog is in good health and of reliable temperament.

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