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January 04, 2019 10:28AM
By the way, the next litter (due on or about 9th October 2019) will be a 'Q' litter - that is all the puppies in the litter will have a name beginning with 'Q'. Dogs have to be registered with the Kennel Club with the kennel name and an individual name. It is conventional to name all the puppies from the same litter with the same initial letter. So these puppies might be called Araxes Quantum, Araxes Quanda etc.

Of course, you can give a puppy whatever pet name you want. For instance, Wera's registered name is Wera vom Team Fiemereck but we call her Daisy.

On the other hand, I knew I was going to keep a female puppy from the 'A' litter so I registered her as Araxes Asta and we call her Asta.

I mention this because if anyone has a preference for any particular name beginning with 'Q' then by all means let me know. I normally send the application for registration to the Kennel Club when the puppies are about a week old so I need to decide on the names then. The name doesn't actually get attached to a particular puppy until they get tattooed at just over 7 weeks of age which then identifies them and the name is at that point fixed on a particular puppy.

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