German Shepherd puppies for sale in England (03)

German Shepherd puppies for sale in England hardly ever have parents which both comply with each of the seven numbered requirements listed on the left. These requirements are mandatory in Germany for the breeding of the German Shepherd dog if the breeder wants the coveted ‘pink paper pedigree’. These requirements are also recognised as the gold standard for the breeding of German Shepherd dogs throughout the world. They ensure that the breed retains its working ability, that dogs are of sound temperament and that they are fit for purpose. These standards are not mandatory in England and very few breeders of German Shepherd dogs fully comply with them. You have to hunt those breeders out.

Usually, therefore when you see a German Shepherd puppy for sale in which you are interested you are asked to make compromises in respect of one or more of each of these seven requirements in each parent of the puppy. Hopefully any puppy you buy will be tattooed and microchipped and be KC registered so we hope you can at least take item 1 for granted. Item 2 is more tricky. DNA testing is intended to ensure that the puppy you are buying is by the parents they are said to be by. Astonishingly, this basic check is not routinely done in England so you are asked to take it on trust in most cases. Therefore we cannot overemphasise the importance of buying from a reputable and reliable breeder if this information is not available.

Item 3 – satisfactory hip and elbow scores for both parents – is absolutely indispensable. Insist upon seeing proof of the scores for both parents and that they are satisfactory. If this information is not forthcoming then walk away. These tests are readily available in England and many breeders carry them out but many do not. It is vital you insist upon satisfactory scores for both parents. If you do not then you run a serious risk that any puppy you buy from that litter will in due course suffer from hip or elbow dysplasia. Do not run the risk. Walk away from any litter which cannot provide this information for both parents.

Item 4 – the AD test – is a test of stamina and endurance. This can be done in England but very, very few dogs do it. It is a basic test of health and fitness. Dispense with this requirement in one or both parents if you want but do so at your own risk and ask the breeder why it has not been done.

Item 5 – the schutzhund title (now called IPO). Every breeder under the sun will tell you what wonderful characters their dogs have, how fit and strong they are and that they can do any task but how do you know? Are you expected to take it on trust? Well, don’t. The schutzhund title was designed to test the character and working ability of the German Shepherd dog. That was its original purpose and it is the purpose for which it is used in assessing German Shepherds in other countries. You face quite a hunt in this country to find a litter where both parents are schutzhund titled. They do exist but they are as rare as hen’s teeth. This is a matter for you but do you want these things to be a matter of the breeder’s (biased) opinion or do you want to know they have been independently assessed? It is your call. Think about this, though. If a breeder does not have much choice in the bitch he/she owns he does have every choice in the stud dog. If the breeder did not at least use a stud dog which was schutzhund titled then ask yourself and the breeder why.

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VA Ustinov vom Romerland SchH 3 the sire of our bitch V Araxes Cisa IPO 1

In order to enable you to refer the requirements we are discussing on the left we summarise them here. These are what you should be looking for in both parents of any German Shepherd puppy you are thinking about buying or that you see for sale. We are, of course, assuming that they are both KC registered.

1. They must be tattooed and/or microchipped
2. They must be DNA tested
3. They must have satisfactory scores for hips and elbows
4. They must have passed an AD test
5. They must have a schutzhund title (now called IPO).
6. They must have a show result of at least ‘good’
7. They must have a breed survey which recommends them as being suitable for breeding.

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